Oral Surgery: Recovering from a Tooth Extraction

Posted by Cameron Station Dental Care on May 15 2020, 07:44 AM

Oral Surgery: Recovering from a Tooth Extraction

The extraction of a tooth requires oral surgery and it comes with a 10-day recovery period. The key to a fast recovery from a tooth extraction is keeping the blood clot that develops in its socket as the area heals. The blood clot becoming dislodged leads to a painful condition known as dry socket.

There are two main types of tooth extractions — simple and surgical. The former does not require any incisions being made, while the latter does.

Oral surgery: Recovery from tooth extraction

Doing the right things during the recovery period following oral surgery can help to speed things up. Here are some simple things patients can do:

  • Take any prescribed painkillers as recommended
  • Leave the piece of gauze used to stop the bleeding in the socket for about four hours after the surgery
  • Use ice to reduce any inflammation around the area. The ice should be placed on the affected cheek for about 15 minutes
  • Gets lots of rest for the first 24 hours after the surgery. Avoid strenuous activities for the first few days
  • Do not rinse the mouth, use a straw or spit for the first 24 hours after the treatment
  • Avoid brushing for the first 48 hours after the treatment. Use a saltwater solution to rinse the mouth instead
  • Avoid smoking as it slows down recovery
  • Prop your head up with a pillow when going to sleep
  • Stick to soft foods for the first 7 days after the treatment

Managing pain after oral surgery

It is normal to experience some pain, soreness, and discomfort after a tooth has been extracted. Patients might also experience some facial swelling around the area. Dentists usually provide patients with prescription painkillers to manage the pain. Patients are advised to take these painkillers as recommended.

The pain should begin to go away after a few days. Visit a dentist if the pain persists for more than three days or if it intensifies. This might be a sign of dry sockets or an infection.

For most patients, the healing period lasts somewhere between one to two weeks. Once that period has passed, the patient will be able to return to their regular diet. As the site heals, new gum and bone tissue will grow over the extraction site. It should be noted that extracting a tooth can lead to teeth alignment issues if the tooth is not replaced as teeth naturally move towards any gaps in a person's smile in an attempt to close it up.

Most dentists will opt to replace the extracted tooth with a prosthetic like a dental implant. Wisdom teeth do not need to be replaced with a prosthetic when extracted since they are not necessary.

Do you need oral surgery?

At times, tooth extraction might be the best way to deal with your dental issue. You can speed up the recovery process by following the tips listed above and getting lots of rest. Call or visit our Alexandria clinic to schedule an appointment today.

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