Kid Friendly Dentist

Kid Friendly Dentist

Doesn’t it feel so good to watch your child play around and spread joy through their innocent smile? Parents must care for their child’s oral health until they grow up and can do so themselves. Along with optimum care at home, it is essential you bring the kids to a dentist for routine consultations so that we can thoroughly examine them and determine the onset of any unexpected oral conditions.

We love kids!

At Cameron Station Dental Care, we give a lot of prominence to building a relationship with younger patients, right from the initial visit. This allows us to interact with them better, which is highly necessary. When kids do not like the dentist or the surrounding atmosphere with a lot of sophisticated dental appliances, they could get nervous and throw a tantrum while in the dental practice. Hence, we ensure to converse with children in a friendly and compassionate way.

Stay rest assured

Parents could be worried that their child will experience pain and discomfort during the treatment procedures. We encourage patients to be seated along with their child on the dental chair so that they do not make a fuss and are calm during the treatment. We try to be as gentle as possible with children and usually do not suggest treatments that could be painful. If the child is too anxious, we can offer mild sedation in the form of nitrous oxide. It is a gaseous sedative that goes by the common name laughing gas and helps to calm the patient’s nerves. It doesn’t have any side effects and will wear off within a few minutes.

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