Pediatric Dentist

Pediatric Dentist

Pediatric dentists are highly trained professionals who specialize in treating infants, children, and young teenagers. Treating children with dental concerns will require a friendly approach so that we can build a relationship with them and make them feel comfortable. Also, it increases the effectiveness of the treatment and allows us to provide a comprehensive solution to their dental concerns.

What are the services we offer?

Pediatric dentists offer all types of dental services that a general dentist does. But, there are a few treatment procedures in particular that are more common than the others.

Filling cavities: Cavities are caused due to the microbial activity of bacteria on the teeth. They release harmful acids while feeding on the food debris in the mouth, which can erode the outer enamel. This is predominant in the case of children as they tend to eat more sugary foods, such as chocolate, candies, pastries, gummy bears, etc. We will remove the decay from the tooth, disinfect it, apply a suitable tooth-colored filling on it, and shape the filling according to the contour of the tooth.

Sealants: Sealants are surface applicants made from either acrylic or composite resin and are used to cover the occlusal grooves. They prevent the accumulation of microbes in the grooves and significantly reduce the chances of developing cavities. The dentist will ensure the sealant entirely covers the grooves and doesn’t alter the child’s bite.

Orthodontic aligners: Malocclusion is a major dental concern that affects both oral aesthetics and functionality. If left untreated for a long time, the severity of the malocclusion could increase and result in a change in the jawbone shape. Also, cleaning the teeth can become increasingly difficult. Hence, we will thoroughly diagnose your child’s malocclusion and suggest the right type of aligners to overcome the bad bite.

Fluoride treatment: Fluoride treatment allows the dentist to replenish the amount of fluoride in the teeth using a topical applicant. The procedure increases the teeth’ ability to resist the formation of cavities by strengthening the enamel.

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