Sedation Dentist

Sedation Dentist

Sedation is quite an essential factor involved in dentistry. Many people assume that sedation helps in inducing deep sleep or disable the patient’s consciousness during the procedure. Not all sedatives are used for this purpose alone. In dentistry, we use different levels of sedation for various purposes, and every single one of them is tested safe for use on humans.

What are the different types of dental sedatives?

Sedatives can be classified based on the mode of administering them and the level of sedation they produce. Some of the common sedatives we use in dentistry are:

Nitrous oxide: Nitrous oxide is one of the most widely used and mildest sedatives used in dentistry. The dentist uses it to induce a feeling of calmness in the patient when they feel too nervous during the procedure. It can also be used for children who tend to make a fuss when they visit the dentist. Nitrous oxide is commonly known by the name laughing gas, as it makes the most ordinary things seem funny. The drug doesn’t have any known side effects and wears off by itself within a short time.

Oral sedation: The dentist may prescribe a certain dosage of oral pills that you can consume before starting the procedure. The drug begins to take effect within a few minutes, and the patient goes into a semi-conscious state. It is used when the procedures can cause slight discomfort.

IV sedation: In Intravenous sedation, the sedatives are directly administered into the vein through an injection. It produces a deeper level of sedation, and the patient usually doesn’t have a memory of the procedure. The oral tissues will get numb as the procedure might be too long, involving pain and discomfort. It is best if the patient could bring along someone to drive them back home safely as the drug could take a while to wear off.

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