If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

“I've been going to the Cameron Station Dental Care since March and I regret not going there sooner! Usually going to the dentist is not that pleasant, but going there is always a great experience. The staff is so friendly and caring. Dr. Karbasi always checks on the patients even if the appointment is not with him. I had some fillings redone and he was really efficient and fast. Doug at the reception always makes you feel welcomed and leaves you in the good care of Ream, the assistant. I honestly trust them!” - Fanny

“Dr. Karbasi is always warm welcoming whenever I come for appointments. I've had cavities filled, crowns put in, and Invisalign done by Dr. Karbasi. I have never had a bad experience here. Asmait, his dental assistant is awesome and is very experienced.” - Kristina

“I highly recommend. I experienced six months of dental work and now it is completed - Dr. K. is a perfectionist, so he made sure everything was done correctly and perfectly! On arrival, Asmait did my check-up with Dr. K and a cleaning. While tough to hear I needed all 4 crowns replaced - we developed a plan.  Dr. K. has an amazing chair-side manner! The office is clean and professional, yet personal. He listens and explains. High-tech without being cheesy or wasteful of money. Dr. K. runs a tight shop and gives great care and has wonderful support staff.  He will talk through your insurances, personal needs, and desires and help develop a plan. The office has free parking in a nice neighborhood.” - Alice

“Dr. Karbasi & Asmait were very professional and patient with my many dental needs- I cannot say enough kind words for their care given to me.” - Hilda

“It's been a while since I've been to a good dentist. I looked on Yelp to find a good Dentist in my area and found Dr. Karbasi. The entire team was very courteous and professional. Lindsey (hygienist) and Jhoy (front desk) were great and friendly!” - Luis

“ For the past few months I have been coming here for a range of dental work, from deep cleanings to root canals. During that time, Dr. Karbasi, Dental Assistant Asmait and Dental Assistant Elaine... have worked tirelessly to provide me with excellent dental care. One appointment had me at this dental office for at least 8 hours (came in at 9:30a, left at 5:30p for several root canals, including one incredibly difficult root canal, and fillings), from what I saw they took very few breaks as they were constantly at work with me and several other patients. From my experience, the staff is very attentive to patient comfort (as much as reasonably possible for a patient undergoing dental work) and the office staff is as attentive as they can be. Dental and office staff try to attend to patients when they can though, on days where the office is busy, there is a bit of a wait. However, even during appointments where the office was busy, I never felt as though they had ignored/forgotten that I was there. Dental and office staff are very friendly and always have a good attitude. I've never felt as though anyone was just "acting" professional. They genuinely care about their work and follow through on any procedure they are tasked with. In summary, I have no problem recommending this dental office to anyone looking to have extensive dental work performed. As with any health care office, there are days where they are busy and you may expect longer wait times. However, when the office and dental staff tell me that they expect a procedure to be completed with a certain time frame, they stick to that time frame and I never feel as though I have to wait for an amount longer than what was quoted.” - Alex

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